Das Breakroom
Mobile Room for Recreational Destruction

We are happy to provide many areas with a place for customers to engage in recreational destruction, a place to break stuff!  We offer safety equipment, tools, items to destroy and even clean up all the mess!  If you have stress in your life from work, relationships, friends, family, or life in general, we are a safe and private environment for you to release those stresses and have a lot of fun. 

​We now have a mobile unit based out of Portland, OR.  We are available to bring Das Breakroom to any types of events!

Team Building

We will post our daily locations and city each day on our facebook page


Give us a call to reserve for your next event!

Das Breakroom Rules for destruction

1.  Closed toe shoes are to be worn at all times
2.  One person in a breakroom at a time
3.  Safety equipment to be worn at all times while in the breakroom
4.  All participants must be at least 18 years old to participate

Our products and services
      -Das Happy Hour 7-9am & 4-6pm M-F
      -Single and group rates available
      -Tailored packages available
      -Discounts available for large groups
Das Breakroom ® 416 N Orchard StBoise,ID 83706
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